Setting and definition of Exit Sign Light


All halls, room exits, entrances and exits of underground buildings should be equipped with a safe Exit Sign Light;


The level of ground illumination should not be less than 0.5Lx; the safety Exit Sign Light should be installed above the evacuation exit and the inner side of the stairway, and the height above the ground should not be less than 2m.


Security Exit Sign Light definition:


The fire safety exit sign light belongs to the fire emergency light series. It has the advantages of reliable work, high stability and long life. It is suitable for high-rise buildings such as factories, hotels, shopping malls, and buildings. It is used for emergency lighting in public in case of power outages. It uses metal lamp holders. Or flame-retardant plastic lamp holder, with wall-mounted, portable or hanging installation methods. Emergency time ≥90min Fire safety Exit Sign Light has the characteristics of low power consumption, high brightness and long service life. A power switch and finger display light are designed on the side.