How to use solar lights?


The solar light is a kind of green environmental protection product. The product generates solar energy by absorbing sunlight, and then converts it into electric energy and stores it in a built-in rechargeable battery. It can be installed in gardens, lawns and other places without wiring to make your home light up.


The working principle of solar light:

When there is sunlight during the day, the solar light is off and the battery is automatically charged; when it is dark, the light is automatically turned on.


Test whether the solar lights are normal:

After turning on the switch, completely cover the solar panel with a thicker object to check whether the light works normally.


Care and maintenance of solar lights:

Tear off the protective film on the solar panel before use. Please regularly remove the stains on the surface of the solar panel to ensure that the solar panel achieves the best charging effect;


If the ground is too hard, try to moisten the ground with water to make the soil soft before inserting the ground plug; otherwise, the product may be damaged;


This solar light needs to be installed in a sunny place, so that the solar panels get enough sunlight; please ensure that the installation location is unobstructed between 9:00 am and 3:00 pm;


Before the first use, the battery may be out of power. Please turn on the battery switch and expose it to direct sunlight for at least 5 hours;


Keep away from other light sources, such as street lights, corridor lights, etc., which will automatically turn off the solar lights.